“Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to work for free!” -Austin Ozier


Photography and videography are more than capturing a scene portrayed in a script. It involves a creative mind and a heart that understands how to captivate an audience. A person who has these qualities is definitely a gem when you are doing a photoshoot or filming a music video or teaser. Today, you will have a glimpse of this exciting job as de de sits with her videographer, Austin Ozier. Austin shares tips on how to create a professional-looking video, gain more views, create a comfortable working environment, spark connections, and help the models or actors relax so they can work at their best for the shoot. If you are leaning towards this field, this episode is for you! 



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14:43 “Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to work for free!” -Austin Ozier

15:43 “It’s all about connections. When you have one good conversation with someone, they’ll remember that first impression. Connections are the most important thing probably in life.” -Austin Ozier


Meet Austin Ozier: 


Austin is a photographer and videographer, the only one de de trusts for her projects. Austin knows technology and how to get just that “right” look for the cover. Austin is establishing himself within the industry. 





de de Cox You’re actually watching my podcast. My podcast is called Kentucky Romance Author Unbridled Country Traditions. And I am so excited that you guys get to meet the young man that has actually pushed me forward with all of the books by either photographing the front and back cover or by actually doing a country music video. I could not be the romance author I am without him and his name is Austin Ozier.

Austin Ozier So Bo Cox is a great friend of mine. Bo Cox is a cover model for all the books obviously. Bo and I met I think in high school, maybe freshmen sophomore year, about 14-15 years old, when kids start getting rowdy and having a lot of fun. I forget who got the car first, probably someone in my grade some year older than Bo. We all started driving around, hanging out. And it just led to a great relationship. Bo was always a really goofy, funny guy and then eventually, I came to meet you. And I knew you did the pageant work and you did some other stuff. And I was working at a recording studio at the time doing bands and musicians.  So I had a little experience under my feet, but not much. And you helped me get my feet wet a little bit. I remember the first shoot we did was actually here at the Crowne Plaza in the lobby. And I was just doing the video for it in the background doing a little mini documentary. And I mean, since then you’ve jumped out of my career.

de de Cox And that documentary was on YouTube. So here’s the deal with him. He’s very techie, I’m not, because I passed the age of 50. But you know how young folk are, they know everything. They know how to do everything. So I’m assuming.

Austin Ozier We do.

de de Cox Yeah.

Austin Ozier We know it all. We’re all [inaudible] especially technology.

de de Cox So I sent him an email, and I am panicking. I said, “Look, what is YouTube and how, yeah.

Austin Ozier I mean, when when she says she knew nothing, she knew less than nothing. She knew absolutely zero. She didn’t know how to sign up with her email address. She’s lucky she knows what an email is. She’s kind of [inaudible] that’s for sure.

de de Cox You got all these emails and everything. So I was like, “Oh, please,  Austin, please, please do this.” And he’s like, “I need a password.” I said, “That’s no a problem.” So I gave him my password. So we did the perfect Christmas. And he said, here’s the deal, you have to get so many subscribers. I said, what? What’s a subscriber. And then he said, You have to get so many people to view it.

Austin Ozier View it, watch it, duration of the time.

de de Cox And the duration of it and say we actually did two different snippets of the perfect Christmas, a very short one that we did the very long way. And of course, the short meant that the more views and different things and he’s like, You’re doing good, you’re doing good. And I was like, Are you sure? No. And what?

Austin Ozier Well, that’s the thing today, with especially young people, there’s a different demographic on social media and all the platforms. So people’s attention span is so much shorter. So you can give someone a 10 or 12 minute thing. But if you give them that 32nd, two minute long Instagram clip, or preview, or just little teaser, they love that kind of stuff.

de de Cox There was the other thing too, he said Instagram, and so then I had to figure out how to do all this with Instagram. And then he had to tell me that you can’t post this if it’s longer than this. And if you have a picture, you can’t put the picture on there because the whole picture is not going to show up. Now, you know why I had him because I was not doing all that stuff. But I do want to ask you out of all the books, because you’ve been with me since the beginning. What is your favorite?

Austin Ozier Oh my! There’s a lot of memories with all of them. Some good some not so great. My favoritem was probably, I think I’m going to go with Bo’s in Stolen Roses. I think the vibe was really good on Stolen Roses. I think everyone got along really well. Sometimes you just have days where there are risks and people are late or things don’t go the way expected or whatever might happen. It was such a smooth shoot. I think the cover came out great. And Bo looks incredible. So I think Stolen Rose and be at the bar and I love being in the country.

de de Cox And this is his work. Actually, when we were looking at Stolen Roses, I had asked my publisher, I said what are the odds are that I can pull Bo all by himself to see how the sales will go. And of course, you know, Michael De Becque is epic. He says, yeah, let’s do it. And so Austin took hundreds, I mean, and you have to know behind the scenes, there’s hundreds of pictures taken. But he looked at this one and he said this one and you said.

Austin Ozier Yeah. Well, the thing was, we had a part I think in a shoot where everyone had kind of broken down for like five or 10 minutes and was just taking five and Bo and I were just sitting there hanging out. And sometimes that’s good when everyone just leaves so the model can be more relaxed and just get into the feel of things. And he was just being himself, you know, striking poses just being goofy, you know, having a good time. And sometimes that’s the magic of it when you least expect it.

de de Cox Here’s the really cool thing. So we know that we’re going to get a movie, and you’re going to have a cameo.

Austin Ozier Stokes. Hollywood, baby here we come in.

de de Cox So what do you think about being able to do something like that, to put that on your resume?

Austin Ozier Like I said earlier, you jumped start on my career to infinity, and you’ve done so much for me. And just, that’s exactly the type of stuff I want to be doing and the type of projects I want to be working on. I just have that in my portfolio. So to even have a chance to be on a movie set, let alone know I’m having a cameo and getting to network and meet these producers and directors and people who do this for a living. Just to cross paths with them, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be able to do that if it wasn’t for you. So I just think it’s absolutely incredible.

de de Cox Well, you know who we have to say thank you too at the same time. Of course, what’s his name?

Austin Ozier Of course. Bo. But also before Bo, we have to say thanks to the Lord, and God and for all the blessings because I mean, really, that’s what life is about. So many of us are blessed and just take it for granted. And I mean, I was talking to someone the other day, just about our relationship. And I mean, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for you professionally, personally. I mean–

de de Cox Well, you know I treat you like my son.

Austin Ozier Well, of course.

de de Cox And [inaudible] something wrong.

Austin Ozier You’re a second mom. I mean, if I need anything– sometimes you don’t want to call mom, sometimes you want to call de de.

de de Cox The designated driver.

Austin Ozier Yeah. Exactly after late night out with Bo. Me and Bo have a late night out. But no, you know what I’m saying? I mean, just I motherly relationship, you know, I’d come to you for anything. And obviously you treat me as a second son, and–

de de Cox I’m always gonna be there. We just did our first book in the Rescue Me series, what was your favorite part of Fraternity Leave?

Austin Ozier Oh gosh. Probably shooting the Bulldog. Honestly, it was difficult. It was like the most difficult thing to do because that dog doesn’t want to pay attention and sees everyone and toys and treats and wants to run arround.

de de Cox She moved a lot on you. And that is good. The pictures that we have– they’re my pictures, not your pictures yet, because I know yours will be much more professional. But to get that shot.

Austin Ozier There’s really good ones.

de de Cox What is a tip that you would possibly have for a photographer or videographer?

Austin Ozier Yeah. For that kind of situation, shooting a dog or like action shots where things are moving around really fast, you definitely want like quick shutter speed, the faster your shutter speed is, the faster your lens is going to capture it. So 1/120 of a second is going to be faster than 1/25th of a second. So you might catch a blur with a dog’s movement at 1/25th of a second. But I like one 1/120th it’s going to be a lot sharper, even if the dog is moving around. So for those situations, you really want to focus on something like shutter speed to make sure you’re accurately capturing everything.

de de Cox When we did the photos and different things was the business attire, or the casual attire your favorite?

Austin Ozier I love the business.

de de Cox Really?

Austin Ozier Yeah.

de de Cox Why?

Austin Ozier Well, here’s the thing, the casual attire was a great because I really do look like kind of like engagement shots, just with a lighting outside being overcast and really soft. But like kind of passed out light colors. They work really well. But, I mean I’ve ever seen Bo’s suit, and my guy looked sharp. I will give it to him. He’s waking up late. I’m like, Bo, why do you look like that? You look like? I can’t even say man. And here he is in a suit looking sharp. Looking like [inaudible]

de de Cox Who was the wrestler that somebody said look like him.

Austin Ozier Oh my, is Triple H?

de de Cox It sure. Yeah. It was Triple H. So we did a lot with that. We got a lot of people commenting on that. And we actually haven’t seen the real pictures yet. So how are we doing in the real pictures?

Austin Ozier Incredible. By done.

de de Cox Really?

Austin Ozier Ready to be sent to you.

de de Cox And then they get sent to Michael and then we create the cover. Do you have your favorite?

Austin Ozier I have a couple favorites. I’m torn between.

de de Cox Don’t tell me. Don’t tell everybody. So long as you have a couple that I know we’re good.

Austin Ozier Yeah, they’re all good. But I have a couple of favorites. I’m sure you’ll have your favorite too.

de de Cox I want to know I will. And I know that we’ve got two more this year that we want to do the video for you, what is more professional and your expertise, what is more difficult for you? The photography or the videography?

Austin Ozier I’m going to say photography because with the video it’s not like a static image. With a static image, you really want to be sharp and capture the moment and really be full of something that makes you feel. Whereas a video, since things are moving and there’s motion, you can kind of find a way, especially if you’re using sound or music to cut things and make them feel really good, even if they aren’t necessarily shot the best. Whereas photography really just have to hit the nail right on my head.

de de Cox I know that, you know, I have the five books, we just finished the first book. We have four more, and then we have other things in the works with other ideas. You’re not going anywhere are you, you know that. So your signs here.

Austin Ozier Yup. I’m here, yeah.

de de Cox Tell them what you want to do, I guess you can’t say what I grew up, because you’re a grown up, but what I always do–

Austin Ozier I’m not a grown up, I’m a child.

de de Cox But tell them what you want to do? Where you see yourself and your big vision because I know, I’ve only played just a little bity piece of what I see your talent is, so where do you want to go?

Austin Ozier Yeah. So honestly, I just want to be a freelance photographer and videographer. I’ve never seen myself having like a day job doing the nine to five routine back to back. I could do it, I don’t think I would enjoy it though. The beautiful thing about photography and video stuff, it’s always a new experience, a new opportunity. I mean, I’ve worked on anything from the cover of your books to behind the scenes documentaries, shooting music videos with bands, with Savannah, doing a reality show for Campbellsville with Tommy. I mean, it’s just incredible. The things I get to do, engagement photos, baby showers.

de de Cox I heard the baby showers.

Austin Ozier Yeah. You know, I just get to share so many different experiences with different people. And it all means so much to whoever’s doing it. And to me, that means a lot to be able to be there and capture that form and to really, basically make it what it is.

de de Cox Absolutely.

Austin Ozier I love it. So that’s the long term.

de de Cox I’m blessed by you. I won’t use anyone else but you because actually, Bo [inaudible] when you have that–

Austin Ozier That’s the thing when you have that chemistry too. You know, you have to have chemistry with the models, both photographer too, if you don’t like who you’re working with or there’s not a good vibe, I mean, you’re going to be off foot. So

de de Cox And that is the key for me was I knew that you knew Bo and Bo had that relationship with you.

Austin Ozier Opens up easier.

de de Cox Yeah. And you can tell him something, because he does that eye thing with me. He rolls his eyes at me.

Austin Ozier Worst.

de de Cox Yeah.

Austin Ozier Your mom.

de de Cox And then he looks at you. And he’s like, okay, you know, what is the most difficult thing when you do the photo shoot, when you’re working with the models, what is the most difficult thing to have to get them to do?

Austin Ozier It’s the little things, it’s like, move the chin, a centimeter to the left, you know, just like little angles in sometimes people who don’t have a lot of experience modeling. And we’ve worked with some experienced models, but also some less experience, and that they’re both great, you can get great shots. But sometimes different people have a little bit better feel for you know how to work with the camera. And that’s one of the things I’ve really enjoyed watching Bo’s progression over the time. At first, you know, he was just kind of looking at the camera and now he kind of gives you this like, look at it. Just like, all right, man, like you’re kind of like finding your path here. So that’s been really fun to watch.

de de Cox Yeah. Because, you know, he’s smiling, your commodity and he’s our brand.

Austin Ozier He makes the money. Yes.

de de Cox He makes the money.

Austin Ozier Bo gets me paid, at the end of the day that’s what it is. Bo brings in the checks. De De facilitates it. Thanks for Michael and Bo brings in the check.

de de Cox He can’t ever cut his hair. I remember you had long hair.

Austin Ozier I did. I should have brought a picture.

de de Cox You should have.

Austin Ozier Yeah. It was down to my chest.

de de Cox Why did you cut it?

Austin Ozier So much work, you know. Bo’s a trooper, that man’s a soldier. Anyone who has long work, I mean long hair. It’s hard work.

de de Cox But he just locks it up.

Austin Ozier I know. But that’s the thing. I don’t want to be one of those like, Man blind guys. I mean, nothing’s wrong with it. But just like, you know, sometimes people say things and I’m a sensitive dude. So my feelings hurt. So I just cut it short. Yeah, I mean, I was always had it down. So it’s always in my face whenever I was eating, sleeping it was in my mouth. I mean, just doing everything.

de de Cox So Bo’s the only one that keeps long here. Okay, that sounds good. Okay.

Austin Ozier Yap. I’m keeping it short.

de de Cox You’re keeping it short. So if I had to ask you one thing, one thing throughout all of this, the journey and everything. What would you say to someone wanting to do something like this?

Austin Ozier Something that get into like?

de deCox To get into the–

Austin Ozier Production?

de de Cox The porduction and different things like that, because you’re only 20?

“Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to work for free!” -Austin Ozier

Austin Ozier Yeah, I’m 23 I’ll be 24 this summer. I would say put yourself out there and number one, don’t be afraid to work for free.

de de Cox Well, and that’s true. Because when we first started, you started talking about the different pricing and different things and you have been paid. I’ve been very very blessed to be able to pay our team, to their production and to pay for your expertise. The other thing, too, is what do you think of de de? What do you think about connects? You know.

“It’s all about connections. When you have one good conversation with someone, they’ll remember that first impression. Connections are the most important thing probably in life.” -Austin Ozier 

Austin Ozier Like I said, you jump started my career. You like connect to everything. I mean, from pageants to all the book stuff to the baby shower. I mean, connections are so important., you have one good conversation with someone, they’ll remember that in first impressions. So when it comes to connections, they’re the most important thing, I think probably in life.

de de Cox Well, I will tell you when you leave to go to Hollywood, to live because I know —

Austin Ozier I’m not I’m traveling. I’m not saying anywhere. You are putting me down.

de de Cox So when you travel, and you go, I just want you to always remember there’s always a De De somewhere that will help you.

Austin Ozier Of course. Of course. I hope so, but they’re not you. They’re not you that– there will be something like a de de but there’s no replacement for de de. I’ll tell you all that right now.

Male Speaker Who’s de de Cox?

Austin Ozier de de Cox is one of a kind. de de Cox is a rare breed. She’s a mother. She’s a lover. She’s an author. She’s a woman of God. And it’s just amazing to see the way she treats people, the way she treats herself, the way she takes care of everyone she knows, you’re just an absolute blessing to have in my life and everyone who knows is absolutely blessed.

de de Cox Now you know why he’s my second son, the one that I never had, but he’s the best friend of my son. And you know, when you find good folk like this, and you have somebody that also shares your passion, your dream, your journey, or walks it with you, you want to be grateful.

Austin Ozier Well, it’s funny, because sometimes, de de and I talk about– sometimes I think we’re closer than Bo and I.  Because we have more in common. We’re all over here talking about social media and production and photo shoots and books and movies and all that and Bo’s over here hanging out playing video games, like I love some video games. But me it’s just funny, you know, sometimes we’ll go out to dinner or lunch and like, we’re over here just talking the whole time and Bo’s hanging out or whatever.

de de Cox Yeah, but that’s the beauty of our friendship.

Austin Ozier Oh, it’s so unique. Yeah.

de de Cox You give him and he gets you. And I could not have been more blessed for God to have placed you in his life. I don’t know if y’all keep each other on the straight and narrow. I don’t want to even know what your [inaudible]

Austin Ozier Of course. That’s what friends are for.

de de Cox Yes, Yes, you are. But I know you two. I know you two are sneaky. You know, and I know–

Austin Ozier Not me. You mean him. He’s a snake. That little guy never know what he’s up to, so snake in the grass.

de de Cox But I appreciate the fact that you have that friendship, not just with me, but with my son. And I know that you’ll always be there no matter what. No matter what he’s doing, no matter what you’re doing. I know that you two, can depend on each other when you have that type of bond. You know, I do treat you like a son, you know, there are times that I would like to throttle you but I held back because I know much Mama. But I know for a fact that you’re good at what you do and I know that to remain loyal to you because I know you will always take care of me and you will always take care of Bo. That’s Austin, he’s my photographer and videographer. So I want to say thank you very, very much.

Austin Ozier I want to say thank you too. I appreciate you having me on the podcast, appreciate being here and just once again, de de, I’m so blessed. Thank you so much for all the opportunities.