“It might seem difficult but you need to keep your head up because there’s the end goal for you. Know what that goal is and keep pushing for it every single day no matter the setbacks.” -Savannah Dean Reeves 


Success starts with dreams. So now that you have set your heart on something, you’re off with a good start! You just need a little inspiration and courage to keep going. This week’s conversation will give you that boost you need! Savannah Dean Reeves loves music more than anything else. You may already be familiar with her as the pretty face from the cover of Stolen Roses. But did you know? Savannah also wrote the theme song for the book and even starred as Evergreen for the book’s music video. In this episode, Savannah shares her music journey and how she works to make her dreams come true. In addition to her music, Savannah is also busy preparing for college, volunteering, and doing charity work. Find out how she does them all despite her young age, and what parents can learn about supporting their children along the journey. 

Fear of failure and rejection have hindered many from realizing their dreams. But as Savannah says, you will get there if you “keep trying everyday.” Tune in and find out how you can get your music out on records and music platforms as Savannah shares helpful resources and tips! 



02:05 Living with a “CSI” Mom

05:12 Stolen Roses Behind the Scenes

11:48 On The Voice InstaBlinds 

15:21 Close Your Eyes

18:55 Songs and Teddy Bears

22:02 Keep Pushing Forward 

24:21 Be a Mom-nager

26:34 Get Your Music Out!



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14:39 “My hope is to keep pursuing my music to inspire others and keep going forward. And I’m trying every single day to get there.”  -Savannah Dean Reeves 

15:43 “Close your eyes and let the music move you. There’s a certain moment that you just feel it and then you know that it’s right. You just know.” -Savannah Dean Reeves 

22:02 “It might seem difficult but you need to keep your head up because there’s the end goal for you. Know what that goal is and keep pushing for it every single day no matter the setbacks.” -Savannah Dean Reeves 


Meet Savannah Reeves:

Savannah is the songwriter of Stolen Roses and the star of the country music video – Stolen Roses. She made it to the top 5 of the Lexington Music Awards  for Song And Songwriter Of The Year and has auditioned for The Voice. de de has known Savannah since she was 7 and connected through the pageant industry. de de and Agness, Savannah’s mom clicked immediately!  



de de Cox Hey guys, this is de de, your designated driver, the Kentucky Romance Author. We’re here with you today and we have what I call the Unbridled Country Traditions. Now, I’m going to just tease this a little bit because y’all think my accent is bad? No, no. I’ve found my actual partner when it comes to living in the country because she lives on a big old farm. And I would like you guys to welcome Savannah Dean Reeves.

Savannah Reeves Hey, y’all.

de de Cox See y’all thought y’all record for me now. Everybody says y’all. So I want to tell you a little bit about how I came to know Savannah so that you understand the whole background, the connection of God bringing us to this point here today. Savannah started with me, as many of you know, I am a director and the pageant industry. I have the buttermilk festival Kimberly Ball and I are co directors and Diane Turner’s our actual state national director, But when Savannah was very, very little, she actually competed in my Buttermilk Festival and she won. And this is her, gosh word, this is almost 11 years ago, this is 2010. And she was just absolutely the cutest little thing. You know, you just want to hug and squeeze them. So I’m going to actually try to take her back just a little bit to this date to see if she remembers this. So take me back to when you very first competed with me and what you thought.

Savannah Reeves Thinking I was really nervous. But de de was there and she guided me through the whole process. It was my very first pageant ever. And she was just my inspiration. She made me get on the stage and made me do my best and just supported me through the whole thing and then we ended up like kicking it off from there.

de de Cox So no, do you remember when you were getting ready to trying the gown? Who worried most about the gown? Not you? Not me.

Savannah Reeves My mama.

de de Cox Agnes, I’m very, very dear friends with and I love her because she said, “Are you sure this is going to be a good gown and look at the style, look at the fashion. Isn’t too blingy?” And when I went to the gown, I was like, “Oh my gosh, no. Yellow and not very mini. Young ladies can wear the color yellow.” But she did. Now I’m going to ask her to go to the actual state competition and we’re always thinking back about this because this is what held Savannah to my heart was she was asked a question on stage. Do you remember the question?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox What was the question?

Savannah Reeves What TV show best describe your parents?

de de Cox And what did you say?

Savannah ReevesI said CSI because at the time my dad was the police chief and then my mom was a spy.

de de Cox She did and I can’t remember where you placed but you placed. Did you make it into the Duchess princes that kind of categories or whatever?

Savannah Reeves Was that the one that I won the sring title?

de de Cox Yes. So she actually won the spring title. She won the highest honors and that was all based off shhh. Because everybody thought that it was so cute that she said that. And we’re all looking at each other going, “Is her mom and dad really involved in all that?” And actually it is the truth. So that was our first take on it. And so I want to bring you forward to where she is right now. She has in I think it was November, December that model posted. What was the award you were up for? And what did we do?

Savannah Reeves The Lexington Music Award.

de de Cox Yes.

Savannah Reeves Yes. So it got posted about a month before or couple months before we were told who was nominated for it and we posted around. de de helped a lot. She spread the word about it. But I’m into the top four and I was absolutely shocked.

de de Cox So this was senior of the year?

Savannah Reeves Senior [inaudible]

de de Cox And songwriter of the year. She actually made it. Guys this is huge for a young lady that hasn’t even– guess what? Are we 18 or 19?

Savannah Reeves We’re 19.

de de Cox So when did we announced when you we’re 18??

Savannah Reeves No, I was 19.

de de Cox No, she was 19. Still she was in the top four. Can you believe that? Lexington Music Awards and as far as I know, this is the only Music Awards in the Commonwealth? Is the Lexington Music Awards because I know Louisville. I’m not saying anything about Louisville. And I know that Lexington is probably the next biggest city other than Bowling Green or whatever. So those are pretty awesome, awesome accomplishment. But I’m going to tell you what she was nominated for. She was nominated for Stolen Roses. So I want you to tell them, this is one of those days that you will never, ever believe I did a book signing, and I want you to take it from there.

Savannah Reeves So I’m from Lexington, Kentucky, Georgetown, Kentucky, but she had a book signing in Lexington. And we decided that since that one was like, super close, we were going to go show our full support. And she started talking about the next couple books that she was going to be writing and she mentioned Stolen Roses. Well, automatically, I’m thinking in my head. I’m like, I just wrote a song called Fallen Roses. But little did I know that my lyrics and her book lined up so perfectly that all I had to do is just change the name.

de de Cox Now ain’t God good on that one? Let me tell you what? And doesn’t he? Like really, really pull you in to how he guides you and steers you in where he wants you to go into things? So not only that, but we did the photo shoot directly on the back cover. And but one of the biggest things and what helped my book what helps Dolan roses was her not just the song, but tell them about what the next thing we decided to do.

Savannah Reeves We decided to go for a music video.

de de Cox So we went out to Georgetown to and I always miss their names up and I’m so sorry. And the struggle hos struggle offs. We’ve been out to their huge farm. It is absolutely incredible. And we took her we had a little mini her. We had Heather brought in Emily. And then Shelly brought in Jude and then bow and Savannah play that the actual characters of it and she did this I did not know what is it that has to take place. What’s the really cool thing when also was recording it? Like you weren’t? What is that little box down there that mom had that we were able to hear the music.

Savannah Reeves We just had a separate speaker with a music playing just so we knew that my mouth movements and my words match up correctly.

de de Cox Yeah. And so for me that was very interesting to see how that was all videotaped. So if you had to tell someone you know, did you enjoy doing the song more? Did you enjoy doing the video more? Or the photoshoot?

Savannah Reeves I think all of it put together in general was just a really good experience for me because that was my first music video that I’ve ever been a part of and done and thanks to Austin. I mean, he’s freaking amazing.

de de Cox He is I will give Austin his props. He’s absolutely incredible when it comes to my ideas and different things. I think that one of the most commented pieces of the video was you running through the bar. So I want you to tell them a little bit about how how accurate it was and how you brought that that concept because as you know, instead the roses if you read the book, she has this note and you’ll see her and you can tell them what happens with this. So bring them as you’re

Savannah Reeves reading through. So the scene that she’s talking about what you can find on YouTube, it’s just still in roses music video, but I had to actually like get into a real big acting mode here and I’ve acted a couple times you know, but like this was just everyone was watching so you’d either laugh or live but I also started crying on spot which I didn’t know that I could do but we did a couple takes it probably took about five times to get the perfect shot because we have in the barn there’s like a layout on the floor and I like my foot got caught but I just took a crash

de de Cox outside I’m all panicky and everything tried to watch all this there was Austin’s like nobody can be on the set. Nobody can be in the set. You know y’all got to be around here. You got to be around here. So she’s running down through the barn through where all the little What do you call them? Oh my gosh, yeah, I know I’ve kept blank. It’s not there’s not staples or whatever. But it’s actually the horse farm and it’s where the horses are placed in German things. But she’s running down through there to do this one shot and so now take them in to what was it your mama said when you had to crumple the note and long was it something because I remember that?

Savannah Reeves Yeah. I don’t know what it was but that’s when I started to cry on the spot. And I don’t know exactly what it was but you know it kind of opened doors for me to maybe into an acting career for me are just knowing that I have it in me to just be able to do that.

de de Cox That was really cool too. You know, and you have to think of something really sad and she took the paper and she crumpled it up and you see or put it in her back Jean pocket and then she walks up. That was the most common and episodes right there was when she was walking into the bar and then when she was running back from the barn and walking out with that crumpled piece of paper. Now I know you have the CD. So I have to tell you a little story about the CD so her mama, Agnes and I like I said are very close. And Savannah did not want this cover.

Savannah Reeves But it is the best one now that it’s on, you know, that you keep looking at it. It was actually the best option.

de de Cox And I want you to tell them where they can find this because I I love music. So, you know, I just pop it in but she has so many different social media that have all the songs.

Savannah Reeves This is on all music platforms, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc. But these CDs, you could just go to my Instagram, savannahdeanmusic, and you can order it off my Instagram.

de de Cox You know, social media has become– she’s a whiz at it and that’s because she’s young. And we all know that as we mature, you know, sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks, but I want you to tell them after we have done this, and we know it’s been optioned for a movie, and fingers are crossed and prayers are going up and all this good kind of stuff. I want you to tell them what you’re working on right now. What is the new song right now? Stars and?

Savannah Reeves Stars and stripes.

de de Cox Stars and Stripes.

Savannah Reeves So the backstory with this song, my dad, he serves overseas, and he always was telling me, “Savannah, can you write a song about America? And I was like, Yeah, yeah, Dad, I can. Well, like, Time went by. And you know, I want my songs to be perfect. So sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it’s not just on the spot that it comes to you. But it hit me one day, and I wrote the whole song in a matter of 30 minutes. And I went downstairs and sing it to him, and he started crying. So now when will this come out? We’re hoping within the next month, we already have it recorded, we just have to get the release date set.

de de Cox Okay. And then after Stars and Stripes, I know we have other things in the hopper, as mama says is in the hopper. What else is coming up,

Savannah Reeves We’re working on another song for you. Yeah. And then we are also I have two more, I’m going to release to make a full EP,

de de Cox Okay, I want you to tell them per background in the music industry, of course, this country, that I want you to tell them what you auditioned for, and how that felt to audition for that. And when you get like a callback or something, tell me a little bit about that.

Savannah Reeves So a while back, I actually, you know, there’s there’s a fear in the music industry of being rejected or, you know, not giving people what they want. But my mom took the leap to post a video of me and send it into the voice. And she got a call the next day saying that, hey, we’re gonna pair up for the Blind Auditions on Instagram. And after that, I won. And they called and said, well, we’re going to send you to California. And they’re sitting in front of a couple 1000 people and just went through a little bit of the process.

de de Cox And how did you feel about that? Was it scary? Was it good? Is it something you would do again,

Savannah Reeves I would do again, I would definitely do it again. It was an amazing process. I mean, everyone there just makes you feel so welcome. However, like I just wanted to take a little bit to focus on like my music and get my music released. Because at the time I had no songs out and now I have two songs out and the third one about two.

de de Cox Okay, so I also know you’re in college, you just started she has a twin too. She has a brother, he’s determined he’s really cute, too. I know you just started college. So tell us a little bit about what you’re pursuing in college.

Savannah Reeves Okay. I’m actually majoring in communications with the hopes of opening up my own Recording Studio one day or my own broadcast or radio station, one of the two in the area.

de de Cox In the area in Georgetown?

Savannah Reeves  I’d like to move to Nashville.

de de Cox Nashville would be good.

Savannah Reeves Yeah.

de de Cox But you have been to Nashville, correct?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox What did you do in Nashville? Where did you play in Nashville?

Savannah Reeves I had a little bit of an audition at the Bluebird cafe in Nashville.

de de Cox Yes. And so why Nashville because you hear that this is the country place but why Nashville? Why not head out to California out through there to where it’s a bigger brand per se. Why Nashville?

Savannah Reeves That’s the whole country music right there.

de de Cox And I know you won something and what was it? It was a contest at Dollywood?

Savannah Reeves Oh, yes. I don’t remember the name of it.

de de Cox What was it because I saw mama posted and she did really really well.

Savannah Reeves Yeah. I did Dolly Parton’s little festival singing the never year end. I would always sing and it was a little contest and the winner would get a signed guitar by Dolly Parton. So that was.

de de Cox Sav what did you sing? What was the song?

Savannah Reeves Joey.

de de Cox Joe– you really did sing–

de de Cox Oh! The one that I saw that mama posted. Yes. So I love that. So I want to ask you moving forward because you are very young. What do you want– I know college is important to mama so but what do you want to do with your career, with your singing career?

Savannah Reeves And I-95.

Savannah Reeves College is kind of just my backup plan to be honest, you know.

de de CoxDid you tell mama that?

“My hope is to keep pursuing my music to inspire others and keep going forward. And I’m trying every single day to get there.”  -Savannah Dean Reeves 

 Savannah Reeves Yes. It’s definitely just a backup plan for me because, of course, my hopes and just all through I really, you know, is just to keep pursuing my music. Just to inspire others and keep going forward. I really hope that that works out but I’m trying every single day to get there. But yeah, college is definitely just a back up.

de de Cox Mom, so you heard that so don’t blame me on that when she said that. Not mwah. Okay. So I want to ask you, if you could give a piece of advice, I know you’re 19, but someone that has a voice that doesn’t know what to do, what would be your first piece of advice regarding singing, regarding the connections? What would you say?

Savannah Reeves I would say, you know, when I was little, I would get really stage shy, you know, and–

de de Cox You?

Savannah Reeves When I was little at first, you know what I mean?

de de Cox I find that so surprising. You guys have no idea.

“Close your eyes and let the music move you. There’s a certain moment that you just feel it and then you know that it’s right. You just know.” -Savannah Dean Reeves

Savannah Reeves But it’s a lot just to take a big step and to sing on stage for the first time or to sing in front of an audience. But what I did, or what I tried to do, my piece of advice would be you just kind of close your eyes. You literally just have to close your eyes and the music just moves you, you move others and then you get into that there’s like a certain moment that you just feel it. And then you know that it’s right, you know, you just know.

de de Cox So when did you actually start singing like in front of an audience? How old were you?

Savannah Reeves Eight?

de de Cox Eight.

Savannah Reeves So right after you probably want this in here.

de de Cox Yes. Goodness gracious. I want to ask you. I know your country. Who’s your favorite female country artists?

Savannah Reeves So Miranda Lambert’s always been an inspiration to me. I love her style of music. She’s awesome. Runaway June is kind of a New Yorker coming up, but–

de de Cox Runaway June.

Savannah Reeves Yeah. You know whom am I talking about?

de de Cox No I have not. Are they a group or?

Savannah Reeves Yes. It’s a three part group.

de de Cox Okay.

Savannah Reeves But I would say they’re kind of more of an inspiration to me now, at this point with the way I write music or the way I style my music and stuff like

de de Cox So how many instruments, because you guys don’t realize is that not only she song write, not only can she sing, she plays instruments. How many instruments do you play?

Savannah Reeves Currently, I play just guitar and piano. But this year, my new year’s resolution was to learn how to play the drums.

de de Cox Really?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Have you started?

Savannah Reeves No.

de de Cox Do you have the drum set?

Savannah Reeves Yes, we have a drum set.

de de Cox Is it in the house?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Does mom know it’s in the house?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Okay. So if you had to choose your male country artists, whose your favorite male country artist who motivate?

Savannah Reeves Probably Kenny Chesney just because I’ve grown up listening to him.

de de Cox Kenny Chesney?

Savannah Reeves I would have to say. I would have to say that. Like I said, that’s a really hard question.

de de Cox What about the old timers?

Savannah Reeves Oh! Johnny Cash.

de de Cox Okay, I love Johnny Cash. Did you have to audition if you do the voices about Blake Shelton.

de de Cox Blake Shelton.

Savannah Reeves Yes. See? Like I said, there’s so many artists that are just such an inspiration that are awesome. And I just can’t just pick one, like I can’t.

de de Cox Well, I know in Nashville there’s a famous bar down there with what’s it called?

Savannah Reeves  All [inaudible].

de de Cox Okay. So have you been able to play there?

Savannah Reeves No.

de de Cox COVID.

Savannah Reeves Yes. But we did go when we were in Gatlinburg a few months ago, and I got some of the old red pigs so I’m constantly using those when I perform.

de de Cox So I do want to tell you guys this, not only can she sing, write songs, play instruments, but she is also involved in the [inaudible] industry. She was an ambassador for me, while I was with the Dream Factory in Louisville, Kentucky. And you did several singing events for us but I want to take you back. Part of the reason that I’m very close to the family is the family is very service oriented in the community in different things. She actually served with me when I was part of the Dream Factory in Louisville, Kentucky. She was one of the ambassadors. And I want to take you back to that very first teddy bear Christmas party. Tell the audience what that was like what you had to do, who you saw about the teddy bears and different things.

Savannah Reeves You know, it all just makes you realize that they’re much bigger problems than just the ones that you have going on. But I loved it. That is one reason why I kept doing pageants, just to be there every year to help, just to see putting smiles on everyone’s faces, which is what the Dream Factory is all about, you know?

de de Cox Absolutely. So we’re going to go now to hometown, tell us what you do in your hometown as far as philanthropy?

Savannah Reeves So I’ve started a charity or organization called the heart program help our troops given that my dad works overseas but you know, it’s a small, like program that we send out little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, just little things that they can’t carry big stuff in the field with and so we just had that over to him.

de de Cox Okay. I also know that you’ve been involved with not just the Dream Factory, not just with the sending to the little packs and different things you actually have possibly mentored by going wide, I think you’re having YouTube channel. Do you have a YouTube?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Yes. So when you go live on YouTube, you talk a little bit about and you share a little  bit about yourself. Tell the audience something that they would not typically think about a young girl from Georgetown, Kentucky, tell them something unusual, something different that you share when you go when you play your guitar on YouTube. So you have a twin?

Savannah Reeves Yeah. Not many people that don’t really know me personally or anything, but just know that I’m a normal person. It’s not just me in my guitar but sometimes the guitar is a way out. It’s a way out. It’s a way to just lose myself with my music and all the problems behind me are turning issues or like anything like thought process like Dad being in Iraq  or my mom being home by herself and how difficult that is. It’s just a lot that I can face with music.

de de Cox Okay. So is music the drug that is what?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Yes. Music is the drug. So I also want to endorse on your active in several different, I want to say like curricular activities, give us a little bit about how you balance time, how do you handle trying to do the career and songwriting and how you do the career in college and then now you do the career at home?

Savannah Reeves I find myself like, sometimes within a week, not being able to pay my guitar as much as because I am a full time student, I do have a job. It’s just I find it sometimes difficult. But I always try to put out time every day to pick up my guitar, but sometimes this doesn’t always work like that. There’s a lot more to life, you know, you got a lot of stuff and.

de de Cox What advice would you tell someone in this industry? Is it to like, be resilient or is it to like, always have something new? What advice would you give someone?

“It might seem difficult but you need to keep your head up because there’s the end goal for you. Know what that goal is and keep pushing for it every single day no matter the setbacks.” -Savannah Dean Reeves 

Savannah Reeves It might seem like difficult or anything, but you just got to keep your head up. Because you know, there’s the end goal for you. You know what that goal is, and you just got to keep pushing for it every single day no matter the setbacks or anything.

de de Cox Okay. So for right now you’re just like team, and you know, they always have that cliche question. So i’m going to ask that cliche question. Where do you see yourself in when you’re 21? And you’re able to get into the bar scene more to play, where do you see yourself at 25, those ages that give you that opening into that industry?

Savannah Reeves I definitely see myself in Nashville, playing music every week, multiple times a week, just still reaching for the same goal I have, but with more music out with more inspiration for others just more music in general for others to listen to and to be yourself.  group.

de de Cox For your age what is the top, I guess I would say like social media. I know you said Spotify and things like that. What is the top thing that your age group listens to? Where do they find music?

Savannah Reeves I would say Spotify, Apple music.

de de Cox Okay. Apple Music, Spotify. Okay, and all of your music is actually on those two main websites. Okay. So tell me how Spotify works, how can we help get the Stolen Roses CD, like push up? What has to happen?

Savannah Reeves You just got to go listen. The more strange you get the–

de de Cox So when they listen, are they purchasing or are they just listening? Because you got folk like me that I have a clue what you’re talking about.

Savannah Reeves It’s like a streaming service now so it’s the more streams that you have.

de de Cox Okay, so the more streams that you have. Tell them what your YouTube channel is.

Savannah Reeves It’s just Savannah Dean Reeves music and my Facebook is also Savannah Reeves use music. And then my Instagram is Savannah Dean Music.

de de Cox Okay, so I know mama and you are very close and I know sometimes parents tend to take– they become more worried when their child ventures out into the industry or whatever. What advice would you give a mom or a dad about supporting their child in this?

Savannah Reeves You just got to have full support really. Honestly, you’ve just got to be there through the ups and the downs because there are ups and downs with a young artist trying to make it in the world when no one’s really heard your name before but you’re trying to get your name out there. And my mom does a lot for me, you know, she’s my momager as I call her. She’s always stuck by my side. And I say when I go to Nashville, she’s going to Nashville with me.

de de Cox And so what happens to dad and your twin?

Savannah Reeves Nothing they can do.

de de Cox I’m going to ask you one more thing. When you think about music, if music was taken away what would happen? What is music bringing, not just country music but music in general. What does it do for you?

Savannah Reeves Everything. And I know that’s like a really broad answer, but literally everything. I mean, it depends on what type of music I listened to, depending on what movie and then same goes for writing music too. I can bend through writing music or I can you know, write stuff that hasn’t actually affected me in life, but your stuff I see. So it’s like poetry, honestly, you know, you see something and you’ll write it down, but in either in the form of a song.

de de Cox Why country? Why didn’t you go rock and roll or, you know.

Savannah Reeves We got that twang.

de de Cox What was happening? So we had no other choice but to stay country.

Savannah Reeves Honestly, the next one put out Stars and Stripes. It’s more of country rock, and I’m kind of lean country or country rock in that area.

de de Cox Okay. So if you had to suggest, do you take notes like at 12:00 at night? How do you write your songs?

Savannah Reeves Sometimes I find myself dreaming of songs and I wake up in the middle and I just have to write them down.

de de Cox So you have a notebook beside you.

Savannah Reeves Usually I use the notepad on my phone, but, yeah.

de de Cox Oh! So you do have that.

Savannah Reeves It’s like [inaudible] real hard, like trying to write stuff. And when I wake up I can’t sleep.

de de Cox So how do you do come late at night?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Okay. So do you have your own studio yet? Do you record at home? Do you recording this–

Savannah Reeves I record currently at this Sneak Attack in Lexingtong, Kentucky.

de de Cox Sneak attack? What a name for a studio? I think that’s really–

Savannah Reeves Jason Groves. He’s awesome.

de de Cox Okay. Okay. And if you could tell anybody the resources of who to contact for so let’s say they have written a song, who would they go to next? Who would they contact next? Did you contact someone like Sneak Attack or did you contact him personally?

Savannah Reeves Like if you had like the song and your music or whatever? Yeah, I would say that you could contact just to book a date to record it.

de de Cox So you can read music, correct?

Savannah Reeves Yes.

de de Cox Okay. So when you’re reading the music, and you’re writing the songs and different things, who do you go to say, “Hey, I got a song.”

Savannah Reeves So I have a guitar instructor. And I’ve been with him for like, six years now, like, a long time. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it’s been a long time. And I’ve learned a lot just like the theory of the guitar and stuff. But he’s also like someone out there to be like, Hey, I’m ready to record the song. And then he also plays the guitar on my recording. So

de de Cox If you couldn’t play the guitar and play the piano, what other instrument would you choose? Other than drums because you said you would take lessons.

Savannah Reeves I guess I would just all around learn all of them. So like the bass or the fiddle.

de de Cox What about banjo? Is banjo difficult?

Savannah Reeves I don’t know.

de de Cox Okay. Because I see the band.

Savannah Reeves I do like that sound.

de de Cox You like that sound? And what’s the other one, it’s the mandolin?

Savannah Reeves Yes. Also the slide guitar. I like

de de Cox The ICU playing the slide guitar because I think you have that book to play that slide guitar and different things like that. Before we get ready to close because I know mama is recording, I want you to say something to you daddy so your daddy knows.

Savannah Reeves Okay. Hi, dad it’s Savannah here and you know, with awesome de de. I just want to say hi. And you know, thanks for always supporting me. Mom sitting over there. But you guys are both in real inspiration to me and you guys have always supported my music. So I just wanted to get on here and say thank you and that I miss you.

de de Cox And I can’t wait for her next song for my book I’m so excited. Guys thank you very much. You have been with Kentucky Romance Author. You have been with Unbridled Country Traditions, and Savannah Dean Reeves.