“It’s so important not just to feel loved. You want to feel valued, and the only way that you can do that is if you give to somebody else.”  -Scooter Minyard


Welcome to the Kentucky Romance Author Podcast: Unbridled Country Traditions- where Kentucky romance author de de Cox and her guests talk about your favorite topics- from romance recipes, country music to country humor, and all things in between Nashville Hollywood, and Louisville.   


For our very first episode, we will look into the behind-the-scenes of a book cover photoshoot and pageants. Scooter Minyard is a sensational Hair and Makeup Artist while Jeanette has worked for 26 years at daycare before she became an assistant to Scooter. The two share a very close bond that helps them bring out the best in every model they work with. Scooter and Jeanette have the ability to tell a story and create “the right look” required for their models. (Now you know one of the secrets of de de’s successful books!) Listen in as Scooter and Jeanette share tips and advice on makeover and modeling, cooperation, communication, and loyalty. The secret to a lasting relationship is to back each other up without leaving anyone behind. Walk the journey together. 



01:42 Love and Value Matters

08:18 How Loyalty is Shown

16:18 Every Experience is a Learning

21:54 The Role of a Critique

24:36 The Importance of “Direct” Communication 



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Welcome to the first episode of Kentucky Author Podcast: Unbridled Country Traditions as HMUA Scooter Minyard and Jeanette Moore join romance author @dedeCox to talk about modeling tips, photoshoot secrets, and hair & makeup! #dedecox… Click To Tweet



07:33 “It’s so important not just to feel loved. You want to feel valued, and the only way that you can do that is if you give to somebody else.”  -Scooter Minyard

16:33 “When you travel on a journey, people shouldn’t be behind you.” -Scooter Minyard

18:03 “We learn with everything in this life that we do. That’s the most important thing.” -Scooter Minyard

21:01 “Every shoot was different and every shoot taught us something.” -Jeanette Moore


Meet Scooter Minyard- Hair and Makeup Artist (HMUA) and Jeanette Moore Assistant HMUA: 

de de has known Scooter and Jeanette for well over 10 years through charity fashion shows. Scooter does ALL the HMUA and Jeanette, assists with details. His vision and his magic with the brushes are freaky incredible! Jeanette always sees where something needs to be placed. She has that eagle eye.


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de de Cox Welcome.This is de de Cox. I am Kentucky Romance Author and this is Unbridled Country Traditions. And today I have probably two of my very, very closest friends that have been with me on my journey of writing romance books. They started with me a very long time ago, before I actually started the romance books and so I’m going to do a little introduction here. And we’re going to go over here to my right at the end is Scotter Minyard.

Scooter Minyard Hello.

de de Cox And in the middle, she’s the buffer for us because we love her and we know that if anything goes wrong, she’s going to tell us exactly what went wrong, how we need to correct it. This is Miss Jeanette. So

Jeannette Moore Hello.

de de Cox These are two my very, very good friends. I wanted to let you guys know a little bit about what’s taking place with how we’re moving forward. But we’re gonna go backwards just a little bit. You know, facts sides that I’m from Michigan and so I’m just a little bit backwards. And so I’m going to take you way back when I first met Scooter. So Scooter, I would like you to tell folks how we first met and that very, very first fassion show.

Scooter Minyard Okay. So here, we have directions like it’s so important. So many people like where we eat or go all out or even simplicity with the people or go all out like really go all out with hats, fascinators, dresses, the suits now become even a little bit more, I would say poppy and some of them are even more animated. It’s just a way to be seen and be known. I think that’s one of the biggest things that we have here. And at that time, I had launched a clothing line and it was dedicated to my parents. So a lot of people ask how was it actually dedicated to them. So it was a Scooter right designs. So after my father passed, I started it and there’s spring and summer, and then there’s winter and fall. So I had the opportunity to actually be a part of the sale in some people’s lives. And they let me have like a small piece in it. So the spring and summer, my dad always said my mom was a legged broad. So I made sure that the leg was always exposed in whatever I get, even if it was a jumpsuit or something like that. And then the core line was because my father was the the core of the family and he wasn’t in the military, but it was military base distressed, because he was sick since I was a child. So a lot of my social media started picking up because I was able to do work with different photographers, which, you know, I’m still very blessed that that happened and then got to work with hair and makeup people. And a lot of times around would do is do the hair and makeup myself. So we had it at the [inaudible] City Museum and so obviously, we all know that we have followers out there. And I will say that they are personal and that people really do reach out to you and you do have that moment and meeting people which I think is also very important. de de, if you guys even know her like she is very loving. She’s also very personable. And I think that that’s one of the things that touched her. It’s not even just about, I’m trying to think, where we had met

de de Cox Well, I remembered the first time when I knew that you were going to be there. It was always my go to meet you because I had contacted you on social media. And I said if there’s ever a need or anything, I would love to work with you. And I thought you’re going to be at this event and so I’m going to go out there. So I know that there was someone very special on that first year that night, I actually introduced myself to you, can you give us a little bit of information about that beautiful woman?

Scooter Minyard Okay, yes. And I appreciate that seriously. So it was my mom. And what happened was with me putting the call the line out there, a lot of people were like, you know, how do you tell the story and it’s what I will do is tell stories of that my parents had lived . So I try one stories and all that and then I would have a [inaudible]. So I think that was one in the show if I could put my mom front and center which I mean our parent show was be front and center because we we learn, I think it’s most important that I tell people that that’s where we were learn love. Even if you feel that your parents didn’t ever give that to you, you learn that later in life and then you will also learn how to give it to other people. So with my parents both being sick since I was young, I learned early on that value was very important. It wasn’t about matter, because some say rock has matter, that value is a lot more. So she was up in the front row and she didn’t know, you know how it was gonna go but she just wanted to be there. So my parents also, as you knew this, my dad loved anything and everything I did. I was never the child that was like, “You need to be something else or you should be a guy or girl, you know, just in general like, be you.” I’ve always learned that and instill that in my friends as well. And I tell everybody that, you know, who you are. So there was always more to the story. She sat in the front row, because it was important for me, this was big. And all of us were just, we were all nervous, you know, in the background and everything to just because we didn’t know how was going to be but I have a plan for the male models. And then what we had done was, there’s actually three parts to my clothing line, okay? So the first part is broad walked out, because it’s spring and summer. And we were going into that for Darby. And then the core line was a little edgy, like I said, because the guys like to do different suiting. And then the third part that a lot of people don’t know about, it’s actually called SOUL. Because the SOUL was such a big thing for us. And it actually stands for Scooter Only Understands Love.

de de Cox I didn’t know that. Yeah. Because I only knew about the fassion side of it. And what do you do with your mom but I will tell you something that you just said, you know, when you said your mom and your parents and love and different things, it’s always good to have that support no matter what. I remember, I competed in the pageant industry when I was very mature. And a little four year old, my son, he likes novo, when I walked out down the runway, he hollered, “That’s my mama.” So having that support or having that love of a child, you know, I know that there was a mama’s boy. You say you’re not a mama’s boy, I never did get to meet your daddy.


“It’s so important not just to feel loved. You want to feel valued, and the only way that you can do that is if you give to somebody else.”  -Scooter Minyard


Scooter Minyard I’ll say I am a mama’s boy, but I’m like, I would say that I am a daddy’s boy too. Like, that’s how our by our wedding things everyday, they won’t come off, because I know that that’s how they were united. And because of them being united that’s why I’m here. So I just feel like it’s super important and I like even into my relationships with my friends, or, you know, it’s in the relationships that people, I just think that it’s so important just to feel loved. You know, you want to feel valued. And the only way that you can do that is if you give to somebody else,

de de Cox You’d have to give it away and that’s when we’re going to turn it over to her because I want to hear how Jeanette got to you or you got to Jeanette because I didn’t know her when I first met you. I met her on one of the actual photo shoots. And I remember asking you the very first time before I even met Jeanette and I said, “Scooter, is she okay? Is she good folk?” You were like, absolutely. And so I want you to tell me how you met him and how the relationship has formed.

Jeannette Moore It’s a long story, but not a long story. I can shorten it a little bit. So Scooters best friend worked with me at the daycare. I was at the daycare, it just closed because of COVID but 26 and a half years. It was the only job I’ve ever had. Scooters best friend worked in a room and he would come up periodically, because he’s such a great artist, and he would, you know, paint all the walls like for themes and some things like that. So I met him, but I didn’t really care for him.

de de Cox Oh! For sure?

Scooter Minyard Hold on. Hold on.

Jeannette Moore The reason why is because I’m not a person that likes people that are showy, per se and I didn’t know him at all. I just knew of him. So his aura was everybody was clinging to Scooter and I was like, “I don’t want anything to do with this guys.” Yeah. I’m not gonna do this. So one day after I’d seen him a few times, we were outside and it was just me and him and his best friend, and he called me legs. And I was like, “What is wrong with this guy.” Like he’s calling legs. But I thought it was cool because nobody ever called me legs, you know? So we wound up going to a wedding that was the– we had mutual people and he went with his best friend and I went because I knew the girl and wound up wearing a short dress to show off my legs. But we wound up talking on the front porch, because there was not enough room for dinner for us to eat, for hours. He didn’t know I was married. He didn’t know I have a kid. Like, I didn’t know anything about him and then he did my makeup a few times at his house, that’s when I met his dad. I met his dad for maybe 10 minutes and I wish I would have known him longer, but we still weren’t close. Like we were Facebook friends maybe but not close whatsoever.

de de Cox Not like now.

Jeannette Moore No. No.

Scooter Minyard We had so kind of connection.

Jeannette Moore So I always tell people that when his dad was gone, he wanted me to be Scooters best friend. So when I was his best friend at the time, Kara was like, “Hey, you know, why don’t you come up to the hospital and see Scooter’s dad with him?” and I said, “Okay.” So I walked up there. I didn’t know where he was. So I was walking by and I asked this lady, she goes, “Can I help you? Are you looking for somebody?” And I said, “Yeah. I’m looking for Scooters.” She goes, “Well, that’s my son.”

de de Cox Huh. So you meet his mama?

Jeannette Moore Which started like this six year, strong relationship with his mom. Like, I was super close to his mom.

de de Cox Oh, my gosh! He brings in all those connections.

Jeannette Moore But then even then, when his dad died, he wrote me and said he needed to have his time, you know, and I didn’t texting or anything, but I do remember going to his house–

Scooter Minyard Sorry. She did always check on me. So even not knowing each other and that tells you a lot about her character. So

Jeannette Moore I went to his house when they were having the family over after the memorial, or before the memorial and just standing back, I knew nobody. And his mom said, like I was the last one to leave or not his mom. Yeah. His mom, his dad passed away. His mom said, “You’re the loyal one.” And I thought this woman doesn’t know me. But I made–

Scooter Minyard My moms a good read of people.

Jeannette Moore So I remember he was in his driveway in his car and he was talking to somebody and he said something about us, you’re talking to my best friend. And I was like, wow, like I didn’t know.

de de Cox I’ve been labeled.

Jeannette Moore And it’s been 10 years. So we have known him for about 16 years.

Scooter Minyard Yeah.

Jeannette Moore But 10 years of being that close, where we’re inseparable. And I missed PR.

de de Cox So this is how my relationship came about.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. And I met you 10 years ago. I kind of remembered you at the runway show. I was at every room I show. I helped organize them behind the scenes. A lot of getting ready models and getting them together. And also his mom helped with every piece of clothing, and every accessory like she did all of that.

Scooter Minyard Yeah. She did.

Jeannette Moore Like she did all of it.

de de Cox Wait a minute. Most people don’t understand behind the scenes when we do these photo shoots and different things, you guys are never brought forward because we don’t have a lot of time on the shoot to bring you forward. So I want to give just a little bit, Scooter does all my hair and makeup. I will not use anyone else because I trust him. You have to have that trust, you have to have that loyalty. Loyalty goes a long way with me. There’s a very long way. So Jeanette is the one that handles all those little idiosyncrasies that everybody picks up. And so I want you to tell them some of the little quirks that you find on the photoshoots that you catch, because Scooter, he’s worried about the hair and makeup, that’s his job.

Scooter Minyard Polishing.

de de Cox Polishing, yes, and making sure that every little hairs in place or whatever, but you come in, and you’re the buffer for Scooter and I. So tell us what you’re good for.

Jeannette Moore Okay. So the shoots first of all, all of your shoots are very laid back. So we appreciate that because we’ve been on numerous shoots. I’ve been with him on numerous shoots we’re I’m nervous and people are very uptight and in your shoots are very laid back. So I want to tell you that we appreciate–

Scooter Minyard Very comfortable.

Jeannette Moore –because it’s very, yeah, it’s very comforting atmosphere.

de de Cox Well, who [inaudibel] for someone that’s mean?

Jeannette Moore Well, I don’t know why. They were just too professional. You know what I mean?

Scooter Minyard [inaudibel] some distance.

Jeannette Moore Right. So, De De’s fun, like, chew gum at every shoot. Since he’s the main focal of all your books, we’re like bows, or ponytail holders on wrist like because it leaves that indent. And if you’re going to take video or pictures, you don’t want that there. But also like clothing, if it’s wrinkled or her visions, you tell us ahead of time about your visions so we’re aware before we get started what we’re looking for. You’re very detailed about sending pictures and things like that. And I love the fact that you and I have our Cracker Barrel spot that we exchange payments at Cracker Barrel, well, sometimes I’m like De De, we might need to do this somewhere else because people may think we’re doing something else but–

de de Cox This is designated draws of.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. And it’s great. Like, she’s like, you want to be at our spot. And I’m like, sure. But we appreciate the fact that you trust that both of us to be on this journey with you because we enjoy it. Like it’s not just something, it’s not just a job. You know.

de de Cox When I first had you guys, you did hair and make up, you know, and I was very concerned how much do I tell you to do or do I asked you to do and I remember Scooter coming up and saying, “I’m gonna stay back. I’m going to observe and then I’ll let you know.” And then you came up and you said, “Okay, I don’t know that that looks right his head.” You were like, chin down, head up that kind of thing. So I feel very privileged that I have learned to craft that I don’t want to do. I don’t want to do, because you guys are the experts. But it’s nice to notice, you know, okay, chin up, head down, the hair this way, that kind of thing. And that’s what I value too, is the expertise that I have been educated on the hair and makeup, and the assisting in the little particles that you will print a tiny minute, little things, that’s what I leave up to you. Most people don’t realize that it’s a long day. We make it look easy. You make it look easy when I’m taking pictures of you guys, different things to permit for the PR marketing. What is the most difficult thing that either of you, not just with me, but as you’re in the area that you practice, what has been the most difficult thing that you’ve had to deal with or that you’ve given advice to or who, you know, give advice to somebody that maybe he’s thinking that becoming the hair and makeup artist, maybe becoming the assistant on a shoot, you know, that kind of thing? What would you say?


“When you travel on a journey, people shouldn’t be behind you.” -Scooter Minyard


Scooter Minyard Well, first of all, I just want to throw this out there. So they always say that, like, every good man is like a good woman. But always tell everybody that like, behind every good man for me isn’t is that Jeanette is beside me. Because I feel like when you travel on a journey, people shouldn’t be behind you. And like you said earlier about, you wanted to go backwards. I think that if we shouldn’t walk miles in other people’s shoes, but we should only be our own and share our story. Like we’re sharing yours, you’re sharing ours as well today. To be honest with you, and this isn’t me just saying that because I have worked with some terrific people and they may see this. I don’t know that we’ve had any struggles. To be honest, I think that every experience for us has been learning. So just a very short, when I first started with Jeanette, and we touched base on this earlier, but the way that she actually became a PR is because me and my mom were under a lot of stress losing my father, you know, and I’ve always been a very personable person. So I think that that’s very important too that all our people say it’s a small world, but we live in Louisville, it’s a small town. And what you filter and what you say I think is also very important. That’s not a struggle for us. We you know, I feel that you’re a witness to this, we’ve never said we’ve been on a shooting this has been a problem. Like we’ve learned from everything. So like when Jeannette, that was when we put this out there. I do my Facebook, but she does the professional part of the Facebook. So some whoever is watching this, this is something that we have to figure out. But I mean, like, I do make comments on my posts and the posts that I do. She does the business part, which is how you guys came together. But I feel like what’s most important is like, it’s just learning because they say that we learn with everything in this life that we do. And I think that’s the most important thing, because I’ll be honest, the struggles really that we’ve had on shoots, personally are probably with each other. But it’s healthy because she’s learning things and then I’m telling her the knowledge that I’ve learned from modeling agencies. Being in the modeling business and then doing hair and makeup, but I have friends that do hair, I learn from them. There are certain things that Jeanette does and I’m like, “Damn. For real? Like you got that?” Like, you know, bow with a hair tie something as small and as simple as that, I used to catch all the time. She lets me build my relationship with people and she steps back. So that’s all we say that she’s by my side more than behind me. And I would say the same with you. I don’t feel like we’re–  yes, we back you up but we’re not behind you.


“We learn with everything in this life that we do. That’s the most important thing.” -Scooter Minyard


de de Cox That’s the really cool thing because she said, I remember the first email she said, “Scooter’s at work. You have to email me. I’ll take care of it. I’ll do the appointments.” I want you to tell me how that makes you so– people don’t realize how important you actually–

Scooter Minyard In my life. Like in my personal life, they know. Like there will be seen pictures I’ve had people say, “Is Jeanette married?” and I’m like, “She is and she has a daughter and if you go to her Facebook, it’s not hidden.” But her husband and I just told her today I said, “You really are blessing. You’re so lucky to have him.” Because he’s not worried. It doesn’t matter your straight, gay or whatever. Like it’s still another relationship with a man but when I feel that were some things like for some people somebody else picks it up. I think we all do that. You know where you would like in hair and makeup you call me or right. Does that make sense?

de de Cox It does.

Scooter Minyard And I she’s super supportive.

de de Cox I feel that, you know, when we say behind the scenes, you know, I can take the pictures behind the scenes. But most folks don’t realize how truly important her feedback. I know she’s like your left arm, your right arm, she’s like the middle part of me because I looked at her and I’m like, okay–

Scooter Minyard What’s her role or what is [inaudible]

de de Cox And so I value that and I value not just the friendship, but I value the expertise, I value the critique.


“Every shoot was different and every shoot taught us something.” -Jeanette Moore


Jeannette Moore Well, the expertise has been because of being with him for 10 years. So when I first started shoots, and I’ll never forget this, we were on a particular shoot, I had never done it before. And I was getting one and I was like, it was at a friend’s house. And I was very loud. And he goes, Jeannette, like, and then I was like, Oh, yeah, like I had to be professional in these shoots. So then, as I did more shoots, and every shoot was different. And in every shoot taught us something about how to do this. So now I like me in my own things. I don’t want to be and he has shot me a few times.

de de Cox Yes. The most famous one.

Jeannette Moore That’s with my husband.

Scooter Minyard The husband is great.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. So like he has shot me and he gave me like a pin up shoot is a thank you. And I was after rupt twice too the same of why did the shoot. I was scared to death, his mama there. He actually didn’t even recognize he was nervous because he’s never seen me girly, per se. And so I was trying to get to him and he was like, “Scooter it’s just me.” Like you’ll kick your self, it’s just me.

Scooter Minyard All that leg.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. All that leg. But like, I’ve learned so many things from him, from other artists, from other models, like things that you need to do and I think that got me to where I am now with you. Like just because

Scooter Minyard Well, I’m gonna touch base because she said she’s on different things. So one thing that we do we haven’t discussed is how [inaudible] either.

Jeannette Moore Yeah.

Scooter Minyard So at the end of every shoot, we call it the LNM. LNM.

Jeannette Moore Every shoot

Scooter Minyard It’s every shoot. So what we do is we go in, and it’s a vast critique, but it also it helps us. So we’ll say, what was your favorite look? So even if it’s one model, and I only had one look, then what was it? Like what we liked how you put the note on with this. And if it’s multiple, we’ll say, I really liked these look good. She popped the rate today while we do the purple so it stood out more. And then the second one was, who’s your favorite model? If it’s only one model, we’ll say, What part?

de de Cox You see I remember who’se your favorite model.

Scooter Minyard Here we go.

de de Cox Because he’s my son.

Scooter Minyard I know. I know.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. We love him.

Scooter Minyard Now we do. I mean, seriously, we do. And I think it’s good, because Bo is chill but he also connects so that we would say that about the model. And then when we say so let’s look, model and then what was the best part of the modeling. Are they experienced? So we’ll say okay, like with the dog? I mean, we technically wouldn’t say the dog or what to say like, oh, slit, like he actually slipped and fell or something. It’s something as crazy as that that was something that we remember from every shoot. And what that does is it helps us grow with things like okay, what happened may not have slipped? Or what can we change about the model for the modeling? So with this LNM is a good conversation too.

de de Cox Like all the other shoots that we get ready to do in the future, I have worry about LNM.

Scooter Minyard Yeah. But we’ll help you and will say okay, well, what’s important about the look. These actual models, like when you’re trying to pull your model, I’m sorry.

Jeannette Moore Yeah. Yeah.

Scooter Minyard It’s not model. It’s modeling

Jeannette Moore Because at stolen Rosa shoot, what you don’t understand is that there was this particular part where both outside and there was one of those pallets, and I had on lead shoes, and I actually fell.

Scooter Minyard But she was so [inaudibel]

Jeannette Moore They were videoing and I never said a word. And Scooter looks over he was like and I just stood up.

Scooter Minyard And she was on [inaudible].

Jeannette Moore And that was one of our our favorite moments. Both was looking at me like, what just happened.

Scooter Minyard Why isn’t she saying anything or what happened? [inaudible] videos. Those are the moments.

de de Cox That’s huge of the relationships that people. They think it’s just a romance book. You’re just put picture on Kevin, you put the picture on that.

Scooter Minyard Once is always the easiest thing to think, I mean, you know.

de de Cox There’s so much more behind it. I love the fact you and I, two great on earth, to catch everything. You know, that’s–

Scooter Minyard But see, [inaudible] spending time with you too, because everybody does think and feel that they’re directly talking to me. They are until it is direct, like on a phone because obviously I’m gonna talk to, you know, like rumbling. I love to connect. So a lot of times, not a lot of times, every time. If there’s a model involved, I always reach out to them. If it’s my project, and I get on the phone to talk to them. So they’ll be like, well, in your pictures like you’re not what I think because I usually don’t smile a lot. I don’t know why, but it’s a different I guess you would say for some of what he said, it’s kind of like your book, they just see the front in the back. But there’s so much more to it. And I’ve talked with people and connected so much over the years and worked with so many people, you know, and I love to everyday person to model I don’t need an agency. I’ve been sheltered. It’s been funny, but we’ve been like at Kroger, which is a chain here, or it’s our what is a grocery store. A person from a gas station. And just because I love talking to people.

de de Cox That’s what we all do. Because when we do the model search or whatever, you know, the chemistry has to be there.

Scooter Minyard Right. It’s important.

de de Cox You know chemistry. And I’m like you guys, I pulled from the pageant industry, right? Like [inaudible] and then I send the pictures to you all–

Scooter Minyard And comfort there too.

de de Cox That’s true. And you do as well when you go through creditors or when I send the pictures to you and you’re like, that’s not, no.

Jeannette Moore But you keep us involved on every aspect, which is amazing. Because ultimately, you pick who you choose to pick for your vision, but you want his input, you want my input and that means a lot to us. You know what I mean? It means a lot to us that you want our input on your vision.

de de Cox Well yeah, because you guys see it.

Jeannette Moore We do.

Scooter Minyard We see it. I also feel like what she’s saying is at the end of the day like it’s your call. My mom used to say it too. I would be like in a garbage she was like I say mom can a someone the core pieces are overwhelming, distressed and like overly pendants and things, just they were junky because my dad was a hoarder so that was part of it, too. So I put a lot of things on there. But the main thing is like, you don’t need everybody’s opinion, that keyword is me. There’s a difference with diva like with me is that I wanted it because people will see this. I feel that you’re looking at it that different people are not the same as her, she’s not the same as me. We have a lot of things in common. Same with you, I think would make us so comfortable and that we’re able to embrace it is important. It is the value, but it’s also going into that as you saying, Okay, what do you guys think? And then when we tell you’re like, well, what’s your thought process? But it’s not Why? You know, like, because it is so important and you show us that we’re going to give you the best feedback that we feel like and whatnot.

de de Cox Yeah. And I value that because it’s really cool that everybody’s different. Everybody has their own opinion. Everybody has that vision. Everybody has that look. And I think the best thing about this is that the bond has been formed.

Scooter Minyard Oh yeah, for sure.

de de Cox And you know that in some will never be broken.

Jeannette Moore Well, yeah. Even after we’re old and we’re, you know–

de de Cox And I can’t ride anymore. 

Jeannette Moore I think you’re going to–

de de Cox We both cut his hair.

Jeannette Moore Every time he cut his hair and he’s like you’re crazy. I do it on purpose because it gets to him.

de de Cox Guys, I want to say thank you for watching the podcast. This isde de Cox on your Kentucky Romance Author with Unbridled Country Traditions. And I know in my heart I want you to feel what I feel for them. I want you to feel the connection, their catch dream, their traditions with Scooter and with Jeanette and I hope you enjoy the very first one because we have created a special bond, a special moment, a special day just for you. And de de Cox your designated driver. Bye.