de de Cox

I give GOD the glory, honor and praise. 

Born and raised in Rooster Run, Kentucky, Deanna (de de) Cox, grew up reading romance novels. She and her sister, Casonya, would discuss the books and ponder what they would write, if the opportunity ever arose. At the age of 30, de de began to write her first romance book. But as in life, circumstances change and life moves you in a different direction. The direction led de de into the charitable industry. She is actively involved in Make a Wish Foundation, Blessings in a Backpack, Spalding University, Toys for Tots, The Molly Johnson Foundation, Indiana Bulldog Rescue Foundation, and volunteers with numerous other charities. She is also a prelim director in the festival and America pageant system. At the mature age of 35, her only child was born, Isaiah Bo. His name is taken from Isaiah 40:31. Bo is the actual cover model for the book Two Degrees One Heart. When de de began writing the book, she had no idea she would have a son, and never imagined Bo would be on the cover – a book she had written before he was even born. de de feels that everything is in God’s timing. Her second son, Matthew Tracy, came into her life to complete her family. She has been married to Scott Cox, her best friend from high school, for over 30 years. We are a society that impatiently waits for patience. de de continues her passion of writing romance books, for where would the world be without love?
Always remember Acts 20:35.

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