It was going to be one of those Monday mornings.

As Logan was jogging into the hospital entrance, he could see several others were in his dilemma. Running a bit behind. It was Logan’s first day of his new travel assignment. He did not want to be late. Logan knew the first impression was the lasting impression. He located the elevators and knew that jogging was out, it was now an all out race to get on that first set of elevators which would take him to his favorite place – the pediatric unit. Logan piled in with about eight other medical personnel. He was pushed to the back corner to make room for possibly a few more. All of a sudden, he heard a female scream “don’t you guys dare leave me, here I come.” Logan smiled to himself. That female voice sounded quite demanding. Logan chuckled. He could not wait to see who matched the voice. When the individual stepped on the elevator, he heard another female voice say “come on Gracie, you’re holding us up, we’re burning daylight”. It was not. It could not be.

Logan ONLY knew of one Gracie.
His Gracie.