Both loved Christmas but for very many different reasons.

He is nothing but tradition, family and then work. The mistletoe farm in Brentwood, Tennessee had done much more than pay the bills or provide food on the table – it had provided love and treasured moments. He and his father had built The Mistletoe Farm from the ground up. Christmas was the busiest time for her. Ending the year, with more than three huge galas/events on the calendar, one of which was the most talked about event in New York City. This was how her holidays would begin and end. The planning, the budgeting, the glory of the décor and the final outcome of the event, this was her life. This was her career. No two people could be more different. Can the old adage that “opposites attract” hold true? This would be a story for the books. The one unforgettable telephone call that will entwine their lives forever and change their future. From New York to Tennessee love knows no boundaries. Two worlds colliding during the holiday season. How powerful this little berry called mistletoe will play into the lives of Wren Bailey and Eliot Mistletoe. Will Eliot be able to show Wren what Christmas truly is about – when a kiss is NEVER enough.

“When a Kiss Is Never Enough”