“Doing a photoshoot with one of your friends is not as plain chemistry, it’s plain as friendship.” -Bo Cox


If you ever wondered about the handsome face on every cover of de de’s books, well, you’re in for a treat today! In this episode, de de introduces him to the world- no other than her one and only son, Isaiah Bo Cox. Bo talks about the typical life of a male model. He shares the joys and blessings of this job and the most challenging part, which most of us can definitely relate to. Aside from modeling, Bo also devotes a huge chunk of his time to study (Bo is currently a nursing student). Like most Millenials, Bo is also into gaming. Tune in for relatable stories with online classes, and if you are interested in gaming, find out how you can connect with Bo. Bo also introduces his fellow models- their cute, adorable fur babies. That being said, check out the first of de de’s new series about animal rescue: FURternity Leave.

Bo is also nominated as Heart of Hollywood Male Cover Model 2021. If you want to show your love and support for him, you can cast your vote here.



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04:00 “Doing a photoshoot with one of your friends is not as plain chemistry, it’s plain as friendship.” -Bo Cox


Meet Bo Cox: 


Bo is de de’s one and only son. He is a real eye candy! When not modeling, Bo attends school. He studies nursing and will be graduating soon!  




de de Cox Hi, guys! Today’s podcast is my one and only child. The one and only child that is all of the covers of my romance books. And now little did I know, way back then that I would create my own Fabio. So I actually have the Fa Bo. So I’m talking to my son and he doesn’t like to do a lot of talking but he looks really good on the camera. And he looks really great on the books. So I want to ask him a couple questions. He’s writing really short interview and most easiest. So and I call him Isaiah, his real life is Isaiah Bo Cox. So Bo doing all of these books, what has been the most difficult thing to do, to be on the cover?

Bo Cox To be completely honest?

de de Cox Yes.

Bo Cox Waking up in the morning. Because my sleep schedule, you know, is the worst out of all of them. Once you get to the photoshoot though, it’s goes easy. But waking up in the morning, it’s definitely the worst. I mean, I remember when we shot All His Love For Christmas. I didn’t go to bed– I was thinking about going to bed at 7am in the morning. And we had to be up at 9:30. And I don’t know why I just caught us– I’ll just stay up all night because I’ll feel worse by dawn. So for that photo shoot, I actually did not get to sleep that night before.

de de CoxOkay. So that’s the first time hearing about this. And now you know why that Scooter does all the makeup on him because he never sleeps. And I tell him all these timeframes and he just nods with me, you know, because I am his mama and you love your mama, right?

Bo Cox Yes.

de de Cox I’m really kind of cool, right? It’s okay to–

Bo Cox You’re not bad.

de de Cox Okay, I’m not bad. Okay. We’ve been discussing the books of course, because he’s on the covers of all the books. So what’s your favorite cover?

Bo Cox Definitely have to say Stolen Roses. Probably because of the outcome when I looked at the cover of the book. I hate wearing jeans, anything jean related. And when I saw the cover, I kind of realized I liked not bad in jeans. So I might have to start wearing more jeans and maybe more jean jackets.

de de Cox Okay. So that’s a big plus for me because he walks around in sweats and different things because he wears these t shirts and sweats. And I’m like I say yeah, because that’s his first thing. I’m like, could we like jazz it up just a little bit. So look at today, see  he’s got this cute little shirt on. His got this cocky’s on there. He’s got a little tennis shoes on too. So that being said, if you had to choose your favorites, and it can be going to what we just did last week, your favorite female model, the cover for that? Who would that be?

Bo Cox Probably Logan, just because of the chemistry we have. I’ve known her for maybe 10 years now or something like that. Maybe not 10 but probably like eight or nine years. So I mean, we just get along well and she’s a hilarious person.

de de Cox So I know that you know her mother as well. And if you had to think about what you would tell me when you first did that two degrees one heart. Did you guys, the chemistry here, did you know that chemistry would be there?

“Doing a photoshoot with one of your friends is not as plain chemistry, it’s plain as friendship.” -Bo Cox

Bo Cox It’s not as if you knew the chemistry would be there. It’s just we were good friends. So I mean, it’s kind of just like doing a photo shoot with one of your friends. It’s not in plain chemistry, it’s plain as friendship.

de de Cox Okay. So we just did a Furternity Leave and how was it working with the bull dog?

Bo Cox The Bulldog was adorable. I believe it is Sese, right? I mean, she was just a blast. She kind of reminds me of our dog at home Elizabeth but everything that Elizabeth was supposed to be because Elizabeth is, you know, does not move from her bed and that’s about it. And this dog was adventurous, loved running around the office and everything. So

de de Cox What was the one thing that the dog did that was kind of a shocker to you that you were in the conference room. What did she do on the floor?

Bo Cox Well, she pooped on the floor.

de de Cox  And you said, “Oh I smell that.”

Bo Cox I was in the other room and then I heard it like just someone talked about it outside and I was like, “Okay, yeah, I can smell that now.”

de de Cox So tell them, because I am doing a book on Rescue Me In Furbabies. Tell them about our Furbabies.

Bo Cox So we have three animals at the house. We have rocky the Bulldog. He’s a Victorian Bulldog. He’s big. We have Elizabeth. She’s an English bulldog. She’s small. She really small. She’s short, and she’s wide. And then we have Sunny the cat.

de de Cox Absolutely. That before we had Sunny, who did we have?

Bo Cox We have Jackson, the one eyed cat.

de de Cox And what does Rocky do when he gets– I don’t know if he gets upset with us or whatever, but what happened when Jackson and then what Rocky did?

Bo Cox Well, when Jackson passed away, we buried Jackson in the backyard. And I’ll never forget the first, like probably first a month or so, whenever Rocky would go outside and use the restroom, he would just run around on his grave and just sit on it. It’s kind of just like a middle finger to him.

de de Cox He would look at us and say I’m out here sitting on it, what are you going to do?

Bo Cox Yeah.

de de Cox Yes. So I want you to tell folk a little bit about what you’re doing right now, in the pandemic, while we’ve been doing the books and different things, what is your goal?

Bo Cox So right now I’m currently in school for nursing. I’m at Sullivan University, online school, I will say is off. It is just terrible. I can’t stand it one bit. And for anyone who knows, for clinicals you go to a hospital, you kind of shadow a nurse and they tell you what to do and whatnot. Well, since we can’t go to hospitals, we have online clinicals, which doesn’t really make sense at all. Because how can you do something you’re supposed to learn in person online? And then other than that, I’ve just been playing video games. I haven’t left the house much to be honest.

de de Cox Why you have to jump. Hey, guys, I learned what streaming was. I am one of those moms that pays attention to stuff so you have to tell them what we’re streaming tell what you’re doing.

Bo Cox So I stream video games on twitch.tv. Basically, if people can just come watch and hang out with me and watch my gameplay so, yeah.

de de Cox Yes, and you have to be very careful because there are dirty words. They say words that probably little ears should not hear. What’s that handle? What is it? How did they find you?

Bo Cox My name on there?

de de Cox See, that’s what I talked about. I’m learning all this stuff. What’s your name other than Isaiah Bo Cox?

Bo Cox iSurta

de de Cox Oh, no, it’s not. And I never that came from [inaudible] I swear to God and I hate when he does that. And so spell the Surta.

Bo Cox Lowercase I capital S, everything else is lowercase U-R-T-A.

de de Cox See. And that’s why I didn’t like streaming. And this is why I don’t like technology. And this is why this 58 year old has a hard time learning all of this. But I have seen his videos and I have been in the room when he’s got this, “Mom, mom, get out of the way. Get out of the way. You’re in the camera. You’re in the camera.” So if I had to ask you one thing, when I asked you to do this, what did you think, the very first time I asked you to do this?

Bo Cox The very–

de de Cox Very first with Logan.

Bo Cox I mean, the first thing that popped it off shirt. I have a problem with shirt.

de de Cox And now that we’ve progressed, and we know that we’re going to be getting two movies, and we know we’re going to have a cameo. Now what do you think?

Bo Cox That’s pretty exciting. I won’t lie. It’s pretty exciting.

de de Cox It is pretty exciting.

Bo Cox So you can– you’re gonna get a spot in the movie? Can’t complain about that.

de de Cox Well, before we adjourn, and you know, I’m gonna make you do this. You have to show everybody why the books have been so successful. And like guys, it’s really real. And it’s really his color. And oh, yeah, see, there it is. That’s what makes my books sale. It’s him on the cover. And it’s that hair, his daddy and I are so proud of the fact that he has long hair. You all may not be but it’s not extensions. But if I tug on it, it’s really real. It’s his hair. And this is what has done it and I told him I said, I have one time. Do you remember the one time you had a movie? We were going to be cast as extras, you and I together. And you shaved and what happened?

Bo Cox I forgot what he said but he wasn’t happy.

de de Cox Yeah, he wasn’t happy. So I told him I said, “Look this is my money deal right here, your hair. You can’t cut it. No. There’s no cutting to it.” Well actually you can turn it in and has shave it up and everything. But–

Bo Cox So really it’s not my hair.

de de Cox Yeah. it’s not his hair. I gave birth to him. Yeah, it took me a long time to get him here and he’s the one and only. And my husband would tell you the same thing that he’s never cutting his hair. He can get it trimmed and other kind of stuff. But this is my, I guess you could save my money deal. I’m actually really proud of that. Look what I made. Is this not the coolest thing? And he actually is really nice. So he’s really well mannered. We did all that. Yes ma’am’s and no ma’am’s and all that kind of stuff, I think. The goal is that when your daddy and I age, he’s–

Bo Cox They want me to live in a basement.

de de Cox See a living basement so that we have that whole little area and he has to take care of us because he loves us. But his room is better supposed to do that. And I want a kitchen and I want a bedroom separate from his daddy. And I want a TV separate from his daddy and bathroom separate from his daddy. So he’s gonna have a big huge house. So just so you know that, you know, we’re and he’s going to travel, right? That’s what you want to do, traveling nurse.

Bo Cox That’s the goal at first. Yeah.

de de Cox That’s the goal. And then just take care of us.

Bo Cox Yeah.

de de Cox  Because we’re old, right?

Bo Cox Yes.

de de Cox Okay. That’s good. That’s him. That’s just my Fabio. That’s Fabi Bo. Guys, just to let you know, I’m excited. My podcast is Kentucky Romance Author, Unbridled Country Traditions. Because I am country. I’m from [inaudible]. And my website is www.Kentuckyromanceauthor, all of letters.com that’s where you can find me on 15 or more different social media. Subscribe to my podcast because we want you to do that because we want you to be able to see all the unique individuals that we have interviewed on our journey here.